ODKK, 3 Inch Flared, Wide, Red


Our Dancer range of shoes are among the highest quality available. Designed in England and hand-made to exacting standards, they are elegant and have been chosen for both their classic and modern designs.

With extra cushioning under the balls of your feet, good support and suede soles, you'll not only look great on the dance floor, you'll be ready to dance all night long.

Most shoes are stocked in our local warehouse. If stocks are available, delivery will be 2-5 days anywhere in Australia. Occasionally due to demand, we run out of stock on certain models.  If during the order process, your size runs out of stock, we'll send you an email straight away to discuss the best options. If we order shoes from our overseas suppliers, delivery is normally 3-4 weeks.

See Additional Info - "How to Measure your feet in cm”

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Find Your Shoe Size


All you need to get your proper foot measurement at home is

  • a piece of paper larger than your foot
  • a pencil
  • tape
  • and a ruler or measuring tape

1. Tape the paper down to the floor.


2.  Trace the outline of your foot and remember to measure your foot without shoes.

For men use the socks you will most likely be wearing with the shoes. Women should not wear socks. Hold the pencil or pen upright and perpendicular to the paper. Do not hold it at an angle. Make sure the pencil is resting snugly against your foot as you draw around it. You may actually find it helpful to have someone else trace your foot, but as you can see in this image, it can be done alone.


3. Use your pencil to draw straight lines touching the outermost points at the top, bottom, and both sides of the outline.


4. Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom line to the top line that you drew in step three.

Be sure to hold the measuring tape straight, and find the closest mark that you can - don't round up or down dramatically. Write this number down.

5. These final numbers are your actual foot measurements. You can convert them to the appropriate size and width using the chart above.