How to find the best fit in dance shoes?

Every woman loves shoes!  But do you know how to find the best fit for your feet?

A lot of beginners purchase their first pair of dance shoes and look for comfort.  After trying some shoes, quite often they end up buying shoes which are simply too big.  Dance shoes made of materials such as satin, leather or suede, usually stretch or ‘give’ a little. Remember you are looking for a shoe which fits you today, tomorrow and weeks and months from now. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right shoes for you:

  • Try at least 3-5 different models

Don’t buy shoes just because they are pretty. Everyone’s feet are different, that means not every shoe will fit you. If you’re a beginner, we recommend not to buy shoes with more than 3 inch heels.  You’ll need lots of practice and core training for high heels.  When you purchase dance shoes it’s always better if you try them first.

Beginners: check out our 2 inch Latin or 2.5-inch to 2.8-inch shoes from our Dancer Range.

  • Find the right length to match your feet

Always find the right length then width, especially if you have wider feet.  Always pick a shoe which is the right length.  This means when you try them, push your heel close to the back of the shoe.  Your toe should be right at the edge of the insole or less than 2mm from the edge.

  • Find the right model for the width of your feet.

Once you find the right length, it’s time to find the right shoes to match the width of your feet.  If you have narrow feet, our recommendation is to try shoes which are one size down as you might be surprised when they fit you slightly better. For example if you wear US 6.5 in street shoes, you might need US 6 in dance shoes (or UK4.5 in Street Shoes, UK4/3.5 in dance shoes). On the other hand if you have wide feet, your dance shoe might go 1-2 sizes up. It depends on the width of your feet.   

Unlike Street shoes, your perfect dance shoes should fit in length and width. They should definitely not be loose.  It’s actually better having them slightly tighter than loose when you purchase your new dance shoes. 

Our team at OzDance offers fitting sessions at our pop-up stores and major dance festivals around Sydney and Canberra or come visit us in Rozelle.   Contact us to find out where we are up next.

How to take care of your dance shoes?


  • Proper dance shoes are generally made of leather or satin with suede sole. Please wear them with care. 
  • Never wear them out on the street. Never step on a wet floor. 
  • Do not wash your dance shoes or wash them in the washing machine.
  • If you feel your dance shoes are too slippery, use a shoe brush (metal brush) to clean your suede sole.
  • If your new dance shoes are too tight or cut your feet, you could try to rub them with candle/wax in the affected areas of your shoes. 

How long does my dance shoes last?

If you dance 2-3 time a week. your dance shoes should last 6-8 months.  However, we suggest you have a couple of dance shoes in order to rotate them. By doing this, you could expect them to last 12-18 months.

Use baby powder to sprinkle on your shoes after you have finished dancing for the night. Suede insoles can get stained or tarnished, particularly if your feet have been perspiring.  Always remember, never wash your dance shoes.

Tango Collection

Marine and Mika, Sydney's Kizomba Extraordinaires

Their motto says it all: "Dance To Express, Not To Impress" and not only do we think they are fabulous, most of Sydney's Kizomba community seems to think so too.
OzDance was fortunate to meet up with our good friends Mika and Marine around Sydney Harbour recently and it's easy to see how this wonderful couple are taking the world of Kizomba by storm. They're fun, stylish, intelligent, well-travelled and most importantly, showed us an incredible French restaurant which we hadn't tried previously, right in the heart of Sydney! 
Whether it's teaching a class at LDA's studio in Sydney, or performing a choreography at Sydney's International Bachata Festival or just chilling out and freestyling in the 'Sexy Room' at The Argyle in the Rocks, Mika and Marine just take it all effortlessly in their stride.
As they have now departed our shores on their way back to France, we wish them a hearty Bon Voyage and urge them to come back soon to visit their Australian friends for more fun in the sun!!


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Where to Salsa in Sydney?!


Sydney, Australia has a very vibrant and active social salsa scene where you can dance almost every night of the week.  We often get asked by people, particularly travelling Salsa dancers, "Where can I dance in Sydney?".  Here's a link to one of our favourite web sites which has been on the scene in Sydney for many many years and is still the best around if you want to know what's going on.  Check out Sydney Salsa Scene here.


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Attention All Performance Teams!!

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All OzDance shoes are hand made and we carry a wide range of colours and sizes. We can also have customised shoes made specifically for your performance so whether you need shoes to match your costume or that extra sparkle under the spotlights, contact us as we'd be happy to discuss how we can help.  Get in early and take advantage of some great deals.

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