About OzDance

OzDance is operated by a small but passionate group of dancers in the Salsa scene in Sydney.  Yes, we are dancers just like you! 

When we started this business, we had two concepts that were most important to us in setting up the site.

1. Offer Great Shoes!

We wanted to make sure that people have access to some great shoes from around the world and we’re really excited about the range.  Some incredible research and development has gone into the products and we’ve spent hours chatting with designers about what makes a great shoe.

2. Keep It Simple!

We also wanted to make sure the web site was easy to navigate and that once you’ve decided on your shoes, you don’t have to wait for months until you are out dancing in them. There are hundreds of shoes in our Sydney warehouse and delivery is only 2-4 days if your shoe is in stock. Even if someone beats you to the punch and orders the last pair, we’ll move heaven and earth to get your shoes to you, all within 3-4 weeks. Not bad for hand-made shoes!

We’ll be running promotions from time to time with special discounts so please ‘like’ our Facebook page and look out for some great deals.

From time to time you will find our pop up store at various salsa clubs and venues. Do drop by and say hello :)

If you need assistance choosing your shoes or have any enquiries, email us anytime at info@ozdance.com.au and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

See you on the dance floor!
Your friends at OzDance